Eggui Blow Face Collection

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■ About this work


A blowjob that is too exaggerated to the extent that it seems to be sucked up to the soul.

It is a work for those who are excited about such an "Eggui" blowjob.

A cute girl usually stuffs her cheeks with a ugly face and a man's important part.

Of course it feels good, but I also feel something like regret for a man with a strong masochism.

We will deliver the extraordinary "Eggui" blowjob to the fullest.

■ Configuration

・part1 72 sheets

"Eggui" is a collection of blowjob faces.

Please enjoy the blowjob face that seems to be sucked up to the contents of the testicles.

・part2 67 sheets

It is a collection of general blowjob faces.

Girls with well-proportioned features are sucking and licking.

■ About images

Image size: 1024×1024

I'm taking pictures of girls holding and holding "toys in the shape of extremely long penises".

There is also a picture of a real penis being sucked.

*This work is created using AI.

*We will not be held responsible if there is a problem with the handling after purchase.

*If it is found to be used for commercial purposes, transferred to a third party, reprinted, etc., we will take legal action and claim damages.

* All subjects are over 20 years old.

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Eggui Blow Face Collection

1 rating
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